About Annie Carlisle

Annie Carlisle

When I was a kid I loved to read...I mean a ridiculous amount of reading. Pretty much anything I could get my hands on (some I probably shouldn't have read at such a young age, but...oh well...sorry mom). I realized I could get lost in a book and the reality of being a band geek, nerd, non-popular (definitely not a cheerleader) teenager faded into the background. Yes...I was a band geek. Yes...I went to band camp.  No...what happened in the movie never happened at any band camp I went to...too bad.
So, after high school, I went to college to become a Paramedic and then eventually a Flight Paramedic. I've seen things that would make your skin crawl and for you to never have a decent nights sleep again. But I also have seen a lot of good. People helping people. Babies being born (I've delivered a lot of them), and people having the will to survive. That's what I want my characters to experience.
Once I was done with the EMS part of my life, I met a great man and we settled down in Florida (I'm a native...he's a Texan, but I'll forgive him of that). Now-a-days, I work in accounting (I know...pretty boring compared to EMS) and I write when I have time.
We have two cats (one thinks he's a dog...I kid you not) and four dogs (not including the cat). When I'm not writing, you can find me on social media (when I should be writing), researching my next book, crafting (although I'm not very good, I still enjoy it), traveling, and hanging out with my husband (even after 20 years together we still like each other).

Like I said, as a kid I read a lot, but now my books are a lot more...grown up and are of the romantic suspense genre, so one day I decided to try to write one of my own. I found it came pretty easy to me if I could just stick with it and now I'm on a mission to write as many stories as I can since I just love getting lost in the process of writing the story as I do in reading one.
Please like my page on Facebook, email me at AnnieCarlisle@Outlook.com, follow me on Twitter, follow me on Goodreads, follow me on Instagram, and follow me on Pinterest (so you can see all my crafts I'd like to do, but not sure if it will come out anything like the picture)!  There's no reason you can't get in touch with me. I love to talk to my readers and find out what they think of my books, my characters, and where you think the stories should go (or about pretty much anything else).

​Happy Reading!!