Book 3 of The Sideway Series.

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Olivia Prescott has everything…a beautiful home, a thriving company with her two best friends, a challenging career at the fire department, family and friends she loves, and then there’s Brownie, her beloved dog and best friend. She has everything…at least she did before the night she was attacked.
Now she’s trying to pick up the pieces of her life so she can move on, but there’s someone out there determined to keep her from the happiness she deserves and a man with dark, soulful eyes that keeps trying to get involved in her life. Is she ready for something more with him, or is she not ready for the complications of a relationship?

Gabriel Hughes is the CEO of his father’s security company that handles all types of dangerous situations around the world. He works long hours and he socializes only when he absolutely has to, but what he doesn’t expect are the dangers in his own life. Coming home from a long mission in Syria, Gabriel finds himself face to face with the one person in the world that can take on his millionaire attitude and put him in his place…but does he want to get involved with a woman who keeps trying to push him away and has a whole host of problems herself?

Will these two find the happiness they deserve with each other or will the dangers in their life collide and eliminate any chance they have?

Olivia’s back in town and Gabriel knows it. Now he needs to show her that he loves her even though she ran away from him six months ago. Showing her the love that he’s never felt for anyone before is Gabriel’s top priority. But there is work to be done to save hostages taken in another country and an investigation by the Army instigated by a man that won’t leave him alone; he’s hell bent on revenge towards Gabriel. It seems like the forces of evil refuse to let him and Olivia find the peace and love that they both desire.

Gabriel gives her a second chance and Olivia’s not about to let that slip through her hands. Leaving town the way she did was a mistake and all she wants to do is make it up to Gabriel; show him how much she loves him. Quitting her job and dedicating herself to her medical flight business with her best friends is just the first step in getting her back to her old self. Being with Gabriel is the step she’s ready to take on full time, but there’s always something stopping them. Between friends, enemies, and families…Olivia and Gabriel seem to be pulled into different directions.

Both Olivia and Gabriel are determined to be together and fight for their love…no matter what the forces of evil throw their way.

Challenged, with a new medical condition, Piper Bauer is trying to figure out how to incorporate this new diagnosis into her already hectic life.  AOP Medical, a medical flight company she is part owner of with her best friends, demands her attention 24/7. With new staff, a growing business, and a contract with Hughes International, Piper is a busy woman with very little time for the opposite sex; especially Matt Hughes.

But after seeing her best friend Olivia get married, and now with a new medical condition, Piper is starting to feel the need for someone in her life. Maybe that someone is a man…. maybe it’s a dog. What’s the difference, really?

Matt Hughes is discrete in all his personal dealings; whether it’s his private investments or his lackluster love life, everything with him is kept close to the vest; even from his brothers. Hughes International, in which he is partners with his brothers in the security industry, has been hugely successful over the last few years, including a contract with AOP Medical and the ridiculously beautiful, irritating, and amazing CEO, Piper Bauer.

But Matt isn’t the right man for Piper and he knows it. He just wishes he could stop thinking about her, stalking her, and even walking in on her fantasizing loudly about him. She needs someone that will give her the white picket fence, kids, and a dog type of life and he is just not that man.

When life interrupts their own plans for themselves, will Matt and Piper go along with what life throws at them or will be continue to be stubborn and forge a path without each other?

Finally, all the drama and evil is behind Olivia and Gabriel and the wedding plans have been made. Now it’s time to just sit back and enjoy the festivities, starting with a Bachelorette party. And where else would a self-respecting bridesmaid have said bachelorette party? Sin city of course! But once again the hands of fate have a different plan.
Now with someone in the hospital, everyone works to get home safely and back to normal so that the wedding can go on as planned. And once again, a man from Gabriel’s past just won’t leave them well enough alone. Will fate let these two finally be happy?

Annie Carlisle